A few general tips that might come in handy If you’ve come to the Khalagadi to see lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal and some smaller cat species. . .

# DRIVE SLOWLY . . . save yourself the trouble to drive the same route again the next day . . . simply because you were to much in a hurry today . . . you very seldom find the cats in the road. You must look for them !

# from our best successes in the past . . . was that we initially drove past some cats, time and time again, before we actually saw it . . . then seeing them slightly behind us, for the first time. Always try to observe up to 90 degrees towards the side.

# Always watch the Blou Wildebeest, Gemsbok and the Springbok . . . they know about the big cats long before you would see them. Should you see a herd of antelope with four of five of them starring in a specific direction . . . and making nervous circles within the herd . . . and not being interested in feeding . . . STOP YOUR VEHICLE . . . and have a long hard good look with a decent pair of binoculars. Don’t waste a possible opportunity !

# feel free to wave down a slow oncoming vehicle . . . to ask whether they’ve seen anything. You just might save yourself a long drive . . . in the Kgalagadi everybody communicates with everybody. Remember the the big cats will always follow the antlope.

# If possible, leave your vehicle head rest’s at home (or at the car hire facility) for this trip . . . . it is unbelievable how much your vision can be impaired by these items. Not even mentioning when you’ve got to turn around quickly for a good camera shot !

# Report the sightings for the day . . . this is the notice board on the veranda at reception at all the camps . . . where you mark your sightings with a coloured pin. These statistics on sightings are normally correct and a great help for the visitor as an indicator where to go and seek.

# be at the gate when it opens in the morning ! Animal activity is far greater early morning . . . . once the heat of the day has set in . . . . most animals seek the shade of a tree and you don’t see the again till an hour before sunset. The middle of the day is normally a good time to spend some time at the camp . . . . with maybe a nice brunch from about 11am . . . . and good old shut-eye for an hour or two !
Map of the Park